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About Us & Our Mission Statement

We have always been interested in health and wellness, specifically, highly nutrient dense foods that nourish, protect and have been shown to heal our bodies naturally. Addressing the source of the issues, instead of simply treating the symptoms and without all the negative effects our foods today offers. After working at different Med/Health Spas, where people were trying to lose weight, balance hormones and generally look and feel better, we noticed similar issues and concerns throughout. Why can’t I lose weight? Why don’t I have any energy?  Why am I depressed, in constant pain, anxious, can’t focus and can’t sleep?  After evaluating their eating habits and daily routines, there seemed to be similar common denominators. The foods being eaten, lack of exercise, me time (meditation) and exposure to environmental toxins.  Most foods out there today are highly processed, loaded with toxins of all kinds, with minimal to zero amounts of nutrients.  This leaves our bodies struggling to survive on empty calories, toxic overload, being under nourished and over stressed. Taking what we have learned over the years, we believe we can all take our health back. And onto the next level naturally and easily, by eating super foods, super herbs, micro greens and mushrooms.  These foods are jammed packed with the nutrients, our bodies need and are craving. We are so passionate about the positive effect these foods have had on us and our family’s life, we had to share this innovative nature inspired lifestyle, with you and your family.  Our desire to share these discoveries is what brought on the inception of Hippie by Nature!  We offer top quality healthy options to support and strengthening our bodies natural healing and protective abilities, both inside and out. We are committed to using only premium grade organic, wild crafted, nutrient dense super foods and super herbs.  NO Fillers, NON-GMO, NO Additives, NO Toxins. 

Welcome to Nature Inspired Living and the Hippie by Nature Family!


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